Comment Policy


I actually like comments, however since this is my blog, everything published on the site is subject to my approval–including comments. I do allow diverse and contrary opinions but I ask all commenters to please adhere to the following policy:

1. I expect all comments to be ‘family friendly’

No illegal content, rumors, or language which is offensive, abusive, malicious, or libelous.

2. I expect all comments to be respectful

All disagreements to be constructive and given in love.

3. I expect all comments to be on topic and an actual response to the post

Pre-written articles on the same subject probably won’t be published. Long-winded rants or extended    comments probably should be published on your own blog with a link or trackback.

4. Any links given in a comment might not be published

All will be checked first –links to commercial sites will be removed unless relevant.

5. Trackbacks are allowed and encouraged

Except from spammers and porno sites.

6. I reserve the right to edit, move, or delete any and all comments

Especially those which violate the policy in any way.

Thank you for respecting our policy, and thank you for contributing to this site–

Dr. Michael G. Davis